Golf Lessons

Kenny Hall is entering his 2nd full year as Assistant Golf Professional and Teaching Instructor. Kenny’s love and passion for the game began when he was five years old. Kenny credits his grandfather (whose name he inherited) who started, taught, and purchased lessons from seasoned PGA professionals since the age of five. His grandfather always desired for Kenny to learn the game correctly, with good fundamentals and a knowledge of the rules and etiquette. To this day, Kenny encompasses all his grandfather has taught him about the greatest game ever invented. Kenny is still reminded of his grandfather every time he plays golf and is why you often hear Kenny cheering and or “Clapping,” over a wonderfully struck golf shot, as it’s a reminder of his, Grandpa Ken.

The great game of golf has taken Kenny to five states around the country, and has provided an incredible work experience, places like: Westchester C.C, Pinehurst Resort, Mira Vista C.C., Trophy Club C.C., and The Vaquero Club. Through his time in the industry, Kenny has taught over 8,000 individual and group lessons, countless junior camps, and golf schools. He has had the opportunity to work with top juniors and amateurs, one of which went on to play professionally on the World DP Tour.

A Golf Career Spanning 25 Years

  • Played in the 1994 NJCAA III National Champion while attending Louisburg College.
  • Twice named a 2nd Team All-American selection.
  • In his second year playing for Louisburg college, Kenny was the individual champion five times, leading his team to six wins including the conference championship and a runner up finish at the 1994 Regional Championship.
  • Went on to play professionally from 1998-2000 where he played on mini tours up and down the east coast, including the North Atlantic Tour, the Hooters Tour, the Florida Tour, the South Florida Tour, the PGA Florida Tour, and the Triangle Tour.
  • Through his short time on the mini tours and playing section events with the PGA of America, Kenny has won four professional events.

It is Kenny’s desire to see everyone enjoying the game of golf. Kenny believes the key to enjoying the game is the ability to understand and comprehend the game. If you know how the game works, you’ll have a better understanding of how to fix faults that happen on the course. If you would like to understand and get better at this game and have increasing enjoyment. Please reach out to Kenny today and schedule your lesson(s), and see those strokes saved and your goals met.


55-minute lesson:
GNCC Member - $80
Non-Member - $100

Group Lesson (90 minute) - Max is four participants
GNCC Member - $80 + $40 for each participant
Non-Member - $100 + $50 for each participant

Playing lesson (2 Hour) - $180

Game Improvement:
GNCC Member - $350 for five lessons

Contact Kenny at 860.798.7934 or by EMAIL.

Great Neck Country Club
28 Lamphere Rd
Waterford, CT 06385